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Helpful Tips from your AdvoCare Leaders:
  • BE POSITIVE through the process, as AdvoCare changes bad habits, and takes your good habits to great!
  • The 24-Day Challenge is for EVERYONE (from the most fit to those who are wanting and needing major changes).  The results are felt the first day, week and month.  Ultimately, it is fair to ask for a 90-day minimum commitment to yourself for SIGNIFICANT RESULTS, and see what your body can do.  You will love AdvoCare like so many thousands do already.  IT ALL STARTS WITH A 24-DAY FOCUS.
  • DO NOT COMPARE...ENCOURAGE when it comes to family, friends, and co-workers taking The Challenge together.  Everyone gets results and crosses the finish line.  Focus on inches and body composition changes, where clothes are fitting better vs. scale-watching
  • Please be sure to stay connected and communicate with the person who is helping you for any questions.  Our business is based on referrals; and we are happy to help family and friends anywhere in the U.S. & A.P.O. as you share your results.  Your Coach can help you build your discount or help you earn additional income, whenever you are ready.